7 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Work Out


1. Listen to an awesome Spotify playlist.
Music really helps set the mood. If you're feeling lazy, play an upbeat song or look for a workout playlist. Try listening to our #IWorkOutLikeThis playlist!

Also a must-try: Adidas' #MyGirls playlist!

2. Keep a fitness journal.
Write down your goals and make a checklist of things you want to accomplish. It also helps to jot down what you eat everyday so that you can keep track of your diet and eating habits.

3. Get a gym membership or invest in workout equipment.
Not sure which one you should do? Take this quiz to find out! When you’re actually paying for things, you're more inclined to make the most of what you pay for, right? 

4. Join free classes.
Rexona Training Camp is offering free training sessions from over 30 of the top MMA and Boxing gyms across the country. All you have to do is visit Rexona’s Facebook page, click on the Rexona Training Camp tab, and fill up the necessary forms to get a free session.

5. Follow fitness Instagram accounts.
Seeing fit people on your feeds serves as great motivation to get off your ass and exercise. We suggest you follow Nicole Winhoffer (@nicolewinhoffer), Solenn Heussaff (@solennheussaff), or any of the Victoria’s Secret models.

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6. Invest in cute workout clothes
When you work out, don't wear ratty old tees and pambahay shorts. Instead, treat yourself to a quality sports  bra and cool new kicks, because sometimes, you need to start from the outside to get inspired. And when you see your pre-workout self all geared up, you might just push through with your planned exercise regimen. We're loving Adidas' #MyGirls line, which features girly and functional pieces that you can mix and match!

7. Take selfies.
Yes, we said it. Take selfies...to track your progress, of course. You don't have to post them if you don't want to. Keep them on your phones to compare week 1 and week 4. You'll be surprised, promise. 

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