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Your Next Workout Should Include These Amazing Marvel Boxing Gloves

Love these 3,000.
PHOTO: Instagram/hayabusacombat

By now, you've probably seen Avengers: Endgame, so you know that around the two-hour mark, shit got real. Those fight scenes made me want to dress in head-to-toe Iron Man gear and go straight to the nearest Anytime Fitness, lol! (Because it was open around the time I finished watching the movie...which was at 1 a.m., ya feel?)

So I got on the Internet, as one does when it's past midnight and you can't fall asleep, to look for Marvel-themed workout gear. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot already: compression shirts, leggings, tumblers—you name it. 

But Hayabusa's limited Marvel boxing gloves caught my eye. Take a look at this baby: 

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They also have Captain America, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel gloves:

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The gloves come in two sizes: 12 oz and 16 oz, and each one retails at $229.99 (around P11,900). Each pair has "antibacterial properties" that'll keep them *fresh* longer! Here's the sad news: Hayabusa is U.S.-based and it looks like they don't ship internationally (yet), so you'll have to be extra resourceful to get your hands on these.

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