I Tried Pole Dancing For The First Time And It Was Hard AF

I learned how to hang from a pole… the hard way.
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When the Cosmo.ph team asked me if I wanted to try pole dancing and write about my experience, I instantly said yes without really thinking about it. But after the initial excitement wore off, my thought process quickly went from “This is gonna be fun!” to “How TF am I going to hang from a pole?!” First of all, I can’t be graceful and sensual. I’ve had a few experiences with dance aka failed attempts at ballet as a kid—but nothing like what would be expected of me at the pole. I also have zero body strength, so I didn’t know how I was going to support the weight of my whole body with my arms or legs. Nevertheless, I attended the class with an open mind and heavy heart (LOL).

I went to Polecats Manila wearing a T-shirt and tights, not having done research about the attire for pole dancing. One of the instructors approached me and asked if I had a pair of cycling shorts. Instead of thinking about how I didn’t have any, the more pressing concern in my mind was how I would NEVER wear anything so short in public! I panicked about stepping out of my comfort zone while being terrified about it, but I thought about how I might not be able to do the moves properly if I stayed in my tights. Amaya, the instructor, lent me a pair and was nice enough to loosen the side strings to make them more modest.

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We did warm-ups first, which consisted of a lot of stretching. I thought I was a relatively flexible person, but all the “splits” and hold-your-foot-behind-your-body stretches proved otherwise. My body already hurt halfway through the warm-up, and it made me question if I was going to survive the class.

But I did! I learned to do a Basic Spin (while keeping one foot on the ground), Pirouette, Fireman’s Spin, Basic Climb, and Pole Sit (with ~attempted~ Dream Girl).


Yes, I was also surprised with how much I learned on my first day! I felt a lot of things during the class, from pain when my inner thighs were burning to ecstasy when I successfully did a move. Admittedly, I was rarely successful, but when it did happen, it was ~*magic*~! I knew that pole dancing would require a lot of strength, but I only realized right then and there that it also required a huge amount of grace and patience. We were constantly reminded to keep our toes pointed while struggling to support our whole body weight with one or two body parts. Would I try it again? Maybe. Do I regret it? Absolutely not!

Polecats Manila has branches in Ortigas, Makati, Alabang, The Fort, and Quezon City. You may visit their Facebook page for more details.

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