The Clueless Girl's Guide To Circuit Training

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So many calories to burn, so little time!

How can a super busy Cosmo girl squeeze exercise into her schedule? Don't sweat it. Circuit training is the workout of choice of many who have little time to spare at the gym, but still want to achieve their fitness goals.

So, you've never tried this before? You are missing out. Read on.

1. Keep it up—your heart rate, we mean.
Lift, jump, run. Repeat. Lift, jump, run. Circuit training involves a series of exercises done one after the other, with little or no rest in between—which is where the magic actually happens. This kind of exercise combines cardio, strength, and weights training, which makes it effective for you to lose weight, fast. Plus, it increases your body's metabolism.

2. Put your game face on.
Expect a medium to high-intensity workout. Have at least six to eight hours of sleep the night before doing your program. Eat meals one to two hours before training to give you enough energy to last you 30-45 minutes of exercise.

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3. Find your rhythm.
Know your strengths and limits. You may find you arms shaking while doing a push up or lifting light dumbbells for now, but that's a start. Fitness coach Stephanie Pagarigan says, “Eventually the body adapts to the level of intensity of the circuit. Soon it’ll be easier, less tiring, and a lot more fun."

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Circuit programs burn approximately 500 calories in just 30 minutes. Can't wait to get started? Try attending a class at 360 Fitness Club, where you'll start with simple squats and hip lifts, and then you'll gradually progress to tougher exercises that will help build your endurance, strength, speed, and power.

Y'all can go check out CrossFitMNL, too, which combines more advanced training like Olympic lifts, plyometrics, and gymnastics.

4. Push your limits.
You might want to kill your trainer any time during the duration of your workout (especially if it's your first time), but trust us, the results are worth it. Listen to him, and ask if you're doing your exercises correctly. It's not about how heavy your weights are, it's how good your form is.

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5. Listen to your body.
When you feel the need to catch your breath, breathe! When you start to feel nauseous, stop and rest for a moment until your body feels okay. Assess whether you can continue or try again on another day. Don't compete with anyone except yourself.

6. The results will come, so be patient.
More than the sexy physique, you will find yourself growing stronger. Be patient. Before you know it, you'll be carrying that extra luggage at the airport with ease. Planning to climb that mountain you've been dying to cross off your bucket list? Yes, you can! #StayStrong.

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