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Are You A New K-Pop Fan? Here’s Your Guide To K-Pop Terms

Familiarize yourself more with the K-Pop community!
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Gone are the days when people used to say that they didn't like K-pop because they found it hard to understand the language. Nowadays, plenty of people are having the time of their lives stanning their favorite idols.

By now, you must be waiting for their next comeback announcement—or you've finally placed your pre-order for their upcoming album. It doesn’t end there: you’re also very excited to see whose photo cards you’re gonna pull (fingers crossed it's your bias, of course!). Congratulations on reaching the peak of your fangirling life! *cheers*

While we’re pretty sure you've encountered some K-Pop jargon, we still prepared a number of terms that might be of help for your K-pop journey.

Here Are Important K-Pop Terminologies You Need To Remember:


Your favorite group just announced their concert, and what you need RN is a budget to get yourself those concert tickets. Decluttering your collection will save you from the agony of missing out on that con. Organize your merch—especially the duplicate ones—so they are ready to be sold. Call them your "bentables"!


Bias Wrecker

If you have your bias or your favorite member in a group, it’s impossible not to have your bias wrecker (or sometimes bias wreckers. This term is used to label that member other than your bias who continuously catches your attention.


It stands for "buy and sell". This is where merch collectors buy their stuff and post their "bentables." Spot them easily on Twitter!

Ending Fairy

The last pose made by an idol (or idols!) at the end of their performance, particularly on music shows. Whether it be fierce or cute, they’re all killing it!


Don’t be shocked if you encounter this on the K-Pop stan Twitter community. Or TikTok. (or any other social platform, tbh) "Filo" simply refers to a Filipino K-pop fan. For example, if you’re a Filipino fan of LE SSERAFIM, then you’re called a Filo FEARNOT.

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This time, you’re the buyer. "Inch" means that you're interested in buying an item. Simply reply "inch" under a WTS/LFB tweet if you want to purchase the merch being sold.


Filo fans, this is predictable for you. It's the act of saving money if you want to see your faves live on tour and get your desired seats. In Tagalog, mag-ipon ka na, girl!


"Looking for buyer," but the shortened version. This is often paired together with "WTS."


A cute way of saying mutuals. Let’s say I follow you on Twitter. You just need to follow me back so we can be "moots." This is also applicable to other social media sites, like IG and TikTok.


You’re just like me if you thought this was a cute expression or sound effect. Surprisingly, it isn’t. It actually translates to "one of my followers," as simple as that. *laughs*



The main collectibles when it comes to K-pop albums! "Poca" is just another term for photocard—which is a great source of happiness, btw. P.S. Not all pocas are worth 50k.


All of these refer to when a song reaches the "all-kill status" on Korean music platforms. RAK is when a track reaches number one on all real-time charts. CAK or Certified All-Kill is when a song achieves number one on real-time as well as daily charts. Lastly, PAK means Perfect All-Kill, and is achieved when a song becomes number one on real-time, daily, and weekly charts.

Ult Group

This refers to the top K-pop group/s that are on the top of your stan list. In short, your ultimate. Just in case you’re curious, my ult groups are BTS and TXT!


The abbreviation for "where/willing/want to sell". When you finally decide to let go of some of your collection, just use "WTS" + the name of the merch you’ll be selling. Example: "WTS UB tix", means "want to sell Upper Box tickets."


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