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9 *Unforgettable* Moments We Love During The 'Running Man In Manila' Fan Meet

Sa wakas! The long wait is over—here are nine out of the 9012 highlights of the show.
'Running Man In Manila' Fan Meet Experience

Like many Pinoy fans of Running Man, I was ecstatic over their fan meet announcement back in 2020. My husband and I got VIP tickets, but we got refunds then. Sa wakas, in February, RM announced that the show was pushing through at the SM MOA Arena on April 1. It was, indeed, a perfect date (April Fools' Day) for the show that brought us fans so much laughter. I couldn't help but secure a ticket again—I settled for a Lower Box ticket but eventually upgraded to VIP Standing. And OMG. Best. Decision. Ever.


It was so difficult for me to narrow down this list, but below are nine out of the 9012 (IYKYK!) highlights of the show:

1. The fun pre-show fan fair, where tickets were given away as prizes.

Running Man PH, the official fan group of the show, organized this special gathering together with other fan groups or individual fans. On d-day, there were hundreds of fans (even those from far provinces and other countries). They got assorted merch, banners photobooth printouts, and snacks.

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Of course, there had to be games. Fans won various prizes—from unique collectibles to fan meet tickets sponsored by PULP Live World. The winners went from #TeamLabas to #TeamConcert real quick! K-beauty brand Glutanex Philippines, which is endorsed by RM member Song Ji Hyo, also held a pop-up event within the MOA grounds, handing out merch and other goodies for fans of the actress.

2. All the ~*feels*~ the show started.

Once inside the arena, the reality finally sunk in and hyped the crowd. Then, we started losing it when the intro video played and RM leader, Yoo Jae Suk, started singing the first song ("Missing You" by BTOB). All the members appeared one by one, and we all couldn't contain our emotions!

Running Man in Manila | Part 1 - Opening Song (Missing You) and Interview (with English subtitles)

3. Actual games and interactions with lucky Running Man fans.

A few attendees were selected to play RM games with the members. Imagine competing with the stars you've just been watching for a decade! The first winner took home signed or personal gifts from each member, while the next had a chance to get a Polaroid photo with the Running Man cast. Lucky VIP ticketholders in 2020 also won a photo-op with the members at the end of the show.


Two fans stole the spotlight, too: Mond, clad in Haha time controller gear, and Kat, the girl dressed up with unibrows and footlong nose hairs (an ode to an extra that made all the members LOL in the 473rd episode of Running Man). The former was even accused as a spy while the latter impressed the members and fans with her "Hype Boy" moves. You can just imagine how the audience wished they were in those Filo Runners' shoes!


4. The cute couple moments of SpartAce, maknaes, and the hyungs.

So many OTP ships sailed that night. We squealed at the cute skinship between Sparta-Ace (Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo). We got kilig when Yang Se Chan and Jeon So Min serenaded each other on stage. And we loved the usual banter and bromance between the eldest members, Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin.


5. Special stages that seemed to turn the fan meeting into a concert.

During the initial interviews (and in some clips in recent RM episodes), the members hinted at performances that the members worked hard on. And all of them ATE. Each one showed off their unique charms in hits like "LOVE DIVE" by IVE, "Raise Your Voice," "One Man," "Confession of Your Love," and singles by Yoo San Seul (Jae Suk's trot singer alter-ego).


Running Man in Manila | Kim Jong Kook's Solo Performance - Easy on Me & One Man (Han Namja)

6. Seeing your bias and discovering bias wreckers.

If you came in with a bias, you most likely came out with a different one after the show. Just check out the entertaining #RunningManInManila fan group threads, tweets, and TikTok videos!

After his energizing medley of reggae songs, Haha collected a lot of new stans (like me). Fans were also saying how he, Se Chan, and So Min were so attractive IRL. Jong Kook's voice (and sculpted abs) also drew hoards of new fans. Of course, we can't forget that amazing OPM song performance (Yeng Constantino's "Ikaw") by the newly adopted Filipino tito, Ji Suk Jin (now fondly called Suk Jin Dela Cruz).


Running Man Jee Seokjin Ikaw Yeng Constantino Cover Live in Manila Philippines 230401

7. The heartwarming fan video.

The montage of fan messages played and cued the tears of not only the members but the audience as well. Everyone can relate to how RM became their happy pill during the toughest times, especially during the pandemic. And we're so grateful that they keep running for us.


8. The encore mission.

The show was actually recorded by SBS, so fans speculated if there would be a mission. And we quickly caught on after the fun number to the tune of Jong Kook's epic "Lovable." What looked like a noise meter appeared on the screen with the word "ENCORE." Filo fans showed just how loud we can be, so it was a success! The cast then reappeared and ended the fan meet with a medley of upbeat songs. The members obliged selca requests from fans in the floor area. #Blessed

@jojtrayvz The fan meeting was supposed to end at 8:30 PM, pero they sang 3 additional songs at natapos na ng almost 9:30 pm instead. Waaa! ???? Super worth it! #RunningManinManila #encore #runningman ? original sound - Joj


One of their finale songs was "I Like It," a track composed with lyrics by the members themselves back in their ninth anniversary. The Pinoy crowd surprised the cast by singing the song with all their hearts. (Fun fact: Lee Kwang Soo was still in the show back then, so when a line about him was sung, the crowd reacted with screams and ugly cries since we all miss him.)

@criseltungala Running Man members' reaction after hearing runners sing #RUNNINGMANinMANILA #ADecadeOfLaughter #YooJaeSuk #JeeSeokJin #SongJiHyo #kimjongkook #yangsechan #JeonSoMin #haha @haha_official @official.songjihyo @jeeseokjin @sominsea ? original sound - Crisel Tungala

9. Yoo Jae Suk saying, "We will be back!".

With the thrilling numbers and the best fan service, the unforgettable night was definitely worth the wait. At one point in the show, the members expressed their regret that they couldn't have a longer show. Surprisingly, the leader gave us hope by saying they will do their best to come back for another show. We definitely can't wait to run with RM again!

@mekaiii29 220401 RUNNING MAN in MANILA Jaesuk: “We will be back!” ???????????? The assurance that Running Man KR will definitely go back to Manila for another Fan Meet!! ???????? see you all again soon!!!! #RUNNINGMANinMANILA #??? #runningmanontiktok #RunningMan #rmph #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #kpop #concert #fanmeet #show #rm #jaesuk #kjk #haha #kwangsoo #somin #seokjin #gary #sechan #jihyo #runners #runner #phrunners ? original sound - mekaiii29 on IG

Of course, the fans made it a mission to sleuth around and trace the Runners' steps during their stay here. Soon, there surfaced clips and photos of them filming in different locations here and reuniting with Manny Pacquiao (who recently appeared as a guest on Running Man).


So, we might all be experiencing PCD, but we're looking forward to the episode featuring their unforgettable stay here and we're definitely counting on them to come back someday!

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