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10 Lessons You Can Gain After a Breakup

Your life is bound to get better, and you're about to become stronger and sassier. We promise!

1. You're way stronger and more beautiful than you think.

2. Heartbreak is the great prettifier. Bank on the breakup to urge you to look more stunning. It’s time to lose those extra five pounds!

3. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Forget that jerk and move on to a guy who will give you 100 percent of his loyalty.

4. It's okay to go solo than live a horrid life with a guy who thinks it’s okay to hurt you.

5. Rebounding isn’t the best antidote to a mangled heart.

6. Relationships have an expiration date. If you’re with the wrong person, the love eventually fades.

7. Breakup karma exists. “[Your] ex who cheated, lied, or in any way deceived you is no exception. Just watch and wait,” shares Lisa Steadman, author of It’s A Breakup Not A Breakdown: Get Over The Big One And Change Your Life—For Good.


8. Success is the best revenge. Live the life you’ve always wanted to live.

9. He may move on before you do…but it’s okay. “You’re allowed to be a mess. Just not in front of him and his new s.o.,” says Steadman.

10. Repeat after us: “He wasn’t right for me but eventually someone else will be.” Repeat it until you believe every single word.

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