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10 Struggles Of Being In A Relationship During Valentine's Season

Like not knowing what to get your S.O.

1. Not knowing what to get your S.O.

You've done a bunch of things for him before: handmade love letters, a homecooked dish, a love playlist, a surprise trip. You don't really want to repeat any of those but you're also running out of ideas.

2. Not knowing where to celebrate.

All you know is that you want to go to some place special, fun, and romantic, and hopefully there won't be a lot of people around and it's not too pricey. Is that shooting for the moon?! (Yeah, it is but hey, it's free to dream!)

3. Being undecided about your date look.

Because you have no idea where you're going and what you'll do with your S.O., you also don't know what to wear and how to style yourself from head to toe on V-day. Not the biggest concern, but it still is.


Because sweldo + Valentine's Day. How romantic.

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5. Single and bitter ladies are hating on you or on couples in general.

You shouldn't care because you're not bitter at all, but it's just annoying that they're all over social media trying to spoil a lovely day with so much hate. It's like, if they're so bitter and lonely, why don't they just try to make the day a happy one for themselves too?!

6. Spending a lot.

You spent time Googling places to visit and things to do; you spent time and EFFORT crafting something sweet for your S.O. On the weekend itself you're also going to spend a lot of cash because some good things just have a price tag on them. But hey, you get to spend the day with your favorite person in the world!

7. If you're a crammer: cramming your gift.

Waaaaaiiit. Wala pa akong gift!

8. If you're a planner: things not going as planned on Valentine's.

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What did he mean he still hasn't left his house because he had to do errands for his mom?! He should've picked you up half an hour ago! Ugh.

9. Feeling like you're competing with other couples on social media.

Post-Valentine's, you're resisting the urge to think "So Jean got roses. How original. He just didn't know which flowers to get her." or "OMG, THEY WENT TO SOFITEL AND HE PROPOSED TO HER?! Why didn't Babe and I go there? Huhu." Best to avoid social media, and best to just be happy with what and whom you got. :)

10. If you're celebrating Valentine's, some people judge you for being cliche and for buying into marketing and capitalist BS.

We've heard it all before: Valentine's is just a way for businesses to jack up their prices and earn loads of money. Why do we have to celebrate love on one day when we can do it every day? That's all true. But how many of us devote time preparing something special for someone we love on a daily basis? How many of us get flowers or whatever every day or for no reason other than "Wala lang. I just love you." Isn't it good that other people are taking the time to do these special things for one another? Sure, people call you cliche, but at least you're happy.

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