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10 Third Wheel Tweets That Got Way Too Real

Job description: third wheel.

We know, we know. At least once in your life, you've been a couple's third wheel already—or if you're quite (un)lucky, a fifth wheel. But don't worry because you're not the only person who's been in this situation. Scroll down below and read all the third wheel tweets we found online that got waaay too real.

1. You finally have some useful advice for your fellow third wheels.


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2. You absolutely don't like it when your coupled up friends suddenly get lost in each other's eyes.

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3. But somehow, deep inside, you're still thankful for this setup.

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4.You know how priceless being a third wheel can be.

5. You know how important you are to this world.

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6. You have a quota to meet...LOL!

7. And it's become your relationship status.

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8. Sometimes, you even think it's your destiny.

9. You finally mastered the official sign.

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10. You've mastered the art of third-wheeling that it's even become your Halloween costume.

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