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11 Reasons Why Girls Who Are Bookworms Are Awesome AF

They're great storytellers themselves. Long hours of conversation never get dull!

1. They’ve got a savage vocabulary that can slay during convos. No need for Google for these CGs! There’s no such thing as a nosebleed, because anything above four syllables is all in a day’s work.

2. Plus, they’re like a walking dictionary, too! No need to pull out your phone to check for the meaning of a word when you’re with these gals.

3. Their grammar and diction is on point. Although they might correct your slipups from time to time, don’t take it the wrong way. They don’t mean to be annoying Grammar Nazis.

4. Clinginess is never an issue. All they need to keep them company is an engaging novel with a compelling plot. Solve!

5. All the great book bargains are on their radar. They know where to go, where to look, and which hole-in-the-walls have the hard-to-find titles! Digging for rare editions is a special skill they know all too well.


6. They know how to make the most of rainy days. A book + a hot cup of coffee + a comfy blanket = SO. MUCH. WIN.

7. Speaking their minds is second nature. They’re aware of the fact that knowledge equals power, and these girls voice their opinion when the need arises. They know they’ve got a voice and they use it.

8. Conflicts and plot twists (in their lives) don’t easily faze them. They’ve come to realize that in order to overcome adversity, they need to step up as the protagonists of their fate. No one is in control of their story but themselves.

9. They respect all forms of literature. Even if they read complex authors like Hemingway and Faulkner, they don’t throw shade at the likes of Stephenie Meyer, EL James, and John Green. To each his own!

10. They’re inherent storytellers themselves. Long hours of conversation never get dull!

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11. They have a collection/mini-library you can borrow awesome books from. Just don’t forget to return them…or else.