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11 Signs You're A Lola's Girl

This one's for you, lola.

1. Whenever you get into a fight with your parents (especially your mom) she’ll always, ALWAYS be on your side. May it be a mishap you had in school or an act of rebellion, for some reason, lola would be more forgiving and understanding than your parents.

2. Her approval is the one you seek most when introducing a new boyfriend. Yeah, mom and dad’s opinions do matter, BUT if your guy doesn’t pass lola’s standards it’ll make you rethink your choices in men.

3. She’s your biggest fan but worst critic. She’ll tell you as it is. If she’s proud of what you’ve accomplished, she’ll praise you endlessly. But if you do something against her beliefs, you won’t hear the end of it.

4. You know all her stories by heart. You know how she and your lolo met. You know how many suitors she had as a dalaga. You know that one time during the war when she had to hide from the Japanese soldiers... And it goes on and on and on…

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5. She spoiled you rotten. Money is no object when it came to her precious darling granddaughter. Even if your parents warned her not to give you so much at such a young age, she’d just wave them off and smother you with all her lola affection.

6. You got all the best jewelry from her. Lola was like your personal jeweler. You had a debut to attend? Lola always had the perfect set of accessories to match your outfit.

7. You’re used to being the center of attention. Lola never failed to show you off to her amigas. You were the smartest, prettiest, most talented, and most adorable creature to ever exist in the world because lola made you feel so. And of course she’s right.

8. You’re comfortable being around older people. Hanging out with a much older crowd is no biggie for you ‘cause you’ve been doing it since you were a kid. You’ve learned (and you were entertained) more being with adults than you have with people your own age.

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9. You’re more maalaga. Always being with lola made you more aware of old-people habits. You learned how to take care of her with every trip to the banyo she made. And those were A LOT.

10. Your relationship with her is unlike any other. She’s like a mother and yet sometimes you have less reservations with her than your own mom. You have something special only you two can share.

11. You can’t imagine a life without her—even when she’s gone. She’s this constant presence who’s larger than life. No one can ever replace her. Even when the inevitable happens, you’ll always, always be lola’s little girl.

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