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12 Struggles Of Being A Low-Maintenance Girl

You're really cool and fun, but you're still going to be belittled.

1. Your makeup skills need improvement. You hardly ever wear makeup because you have nothing to hide on your face—you own up to your spots and lines—and you’d rather spend your time getting more sleep or generally taking your time in the mornings. That said, when you do have to wear makeup for a special occasion, the struggle becomes very real.

2. You come off as plain. Sure, you’re pretty. But unlike girls who glam up every single day, you’re not the WHOA-PRETTY type to people who like girls with makeup on or are used to seeing girls with makeup on.

3. People don’t think you’re elegant. Most of the time someone who can’t stay away from t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers or loafers is considered rugged, not elegant. They forget that simplicity is also a form of elegance, which is what you may be going for. Just because you dress down doesn’t mean you look like crap. Case in point:

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4. People think you can’t fix yourself up. It may be a struggle at times as in the case in #1 especially when you don’t feel like doing it, but you can definitely pull off a jaw-dropper when you have to.

5. People think nothing bothers you. Because you give off the cool vibe, people think you’re so cool with anything and everything. But that’s not the case—some things actually bother and offend you.

6. If you said something bothered you, you’d be called out for it. You’d be judged as maarte if you complain about the hot weather, the horrible traffic, the excruciating commute, and more political matters like corruption and poverty. Not that you care about what people think of you, but you do get bothered by how they fail to see the issues around them.

7. People think they’re better than you because you don’t look rich or fashown. It seems that looks have a lot to do with how people view each other. Since you look simple and down-to-earth, you don’t intimidate them at all, which makes some of them think you’re incompetent or a push-over.

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8. People can think you’re gross ’cos you’re okay with getting dirty and being close to the icky stuff. They forget that you don’t want to chase a cockroach to kill it, but you do it anyway because no one else will and you don’t want that pest breeding more pests.

9. People think you’re clueless about worldly things and judge you for being uncultured. You may not be able to tell different kinds of wine or coffee from each other but you do know and practice proper manners and good breeding, which is quite frankly the most cultured thing anyone can do. Divas don’t always have it down pat.

10. People think you don’t care about your own health. And it’s because you don’t subscribe to those really pricey fad diets and juice cleanses like very extravagant people do, and you eat isaw and squidballs bought from a street vendor. People fail to see that you have a pretty balanced diet (minus the occasional junk).

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11. When you fix up, people are like, “WHOA, do you have a party?” You appreciate their attention, but you’d rather just lie low. It’s not that big a deal that you dolled up, really.

12. For a second a high-maintenance girl will intimidate you. You might psych yourself out on your own or she might be the one instigating it, so you feel bad about yourself. But you realize that you’re okay just as you are and you genuinely like yourself, so you’ll carry on and keep your cool.

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