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12 Struggles Only Overly Sensitive Girls Know


1. You cry at the drop of a hat.

It doesn’t take much to turn on the waterworks: you sniffled that time you saw a touching post on Humans of New York, you wept that time you learned about Courageous Catie, you sobbed that time you had to take your laptop to a shop to have it fixed (hey, it happened to this writer). People close to you no longer make a fuss when your lips begin to tremble and you start tearing up because baby, you were born this way.

2. You overanalyze. A lot.

“Why did it take him so long to reply? And what does ‘Okay’ mean? Maybe I did something wrong. Maybe he’s starting to pull away from me. Maybe this is the beginning of the end…” It’s exhausting how your thought process jumps from here to there, and all because of…a single text.

3. You get overwhelmed easily.

When tasks or challenges come at you all at once, you get so rattled, you just want to retreat to a corner. And maybe hyperventilate a little.

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4. You easily get pikon.

Whether a friend’s snide remark directed at you was a joke or not, you can’t just brush it off like it ain’t no thang. You’ll need a moment to let your annoyance pass before you can feel okay to pal around with said friend again. (Hmp.)

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5. You tend to take criticisms personally.

Even if it’s just your boss calling you out on a failed project, you can’t help but torture yourself with thoughts along the lines of “UGH, I’M SUCH AN IDIOT.”

6. You can't stand it when people don’t like you or are mad at you.

You care what other people think of you, that’s why you’re kind of a people-pleaser. And when you feel someone’s disappointed in you for some reason, you worry about that shit way more than you should.

7. You avoid confrontation.

You know that if a confrontation gets too real, you won’t be able to keep your emotions in check and you’ll just start bawling all over the place. So no thanks; you’ll just be here nursing your gripes to keep the ~peace~.

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8. People share their sorrows with you all the time.

Empathy is your middle name, so friends naturally run to you when they have problems. It’s great to be trusted and to be sought out for advice and all, but their issues just give you more to be emotional about. (Case in point: When a friend recounted the moment her boyfriend broke up with her, you cried harder than she did, and you never even met the guy.)

9. Past hurts or grudges continue to bother you.

You could be going about your day, just minding your own business, and then you remember a vicious thing an ex said to you three years ago or a mean prank the school bully pulled on you in grade school as vividly as if they happened last week, and those past hurts and humiliations come barreling back, totally messing with your chill.

10. Sometimes you feel things so much, you need to get away from everyone and just DWELL.

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In these moments, not even talking to your closest friend will help. You just want to disappear into your room and curl up in a ball on your bed and process all of the feelings.

11. You wish you could communicate the depth of your emotions to others, but you fear they wouldn’t understand.

This is exactly why you sometimes choose to just disappear into your room and curl up in a ball on your bed.

12. People have called you “weak,” “OA,” “neurotic,” or a “drama queen.”

Outwardly you laugh them off, but inside, those labels are like tiny blows to your fragile ol’ heart. *tears*

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