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13 Signs You're Actually A Tita


1. You shamelessly steal tissue from restaurants.
You obviously paid way too much for your pasta, so you might as well take advantage. Isama mo na yung cream and sugar!

2. Longchamp bags and giant totes are the way to go...
Chic and functional. What’s not to love?

3. ...because your friends always count on you to have everything in your bag.
Your tote is compartmentalized with a ton of kits and organizers, because you actually do have everything: Bottled water, Band-Aids, extra hair ties, tissue, wet wipes, SkyFlakes, and three Tic Tacs. Yep, EVERYTHING.

4. Your idea of fun is brunch with the girls.
In Mary Grace, of course! That, and merienda in Almon Marina, Via Mare, and Conti’s are the best ways to spend your weekends. Also, no matter how cool people say Valkyrie is, you just don’t have enough energy to walwal anymore.

5. Your happy place is S&R.
There’s just so much to love about it aside from the pizza, you know. Groceries are the best! 

6. Friends always turn to you for advice.
Because you always give the best ones, especially when it comes matters of the heart.

7. You're always setting up friends to date.
“Gianna, I have this friend who is PERFECT for you. He is tall and handsome and he is a lawyer. Also, he owns a mountain and 17 cars! 17!!!” And Gianna trusts your judgment because you are all-knowing.

8. You have a collection of paper bags and shoeboxes collecting dust in your house.
You never want to throw anything out, because it’s sayang! Who knows when you can use those? AMIRIGHT?


9. Your favorite past time is going to the grocery and shopping for home décor.
It’s really fun and therapeutic! Why isn’t everyone doing it? OHMYGOD, we're going to Dimensione to shop for chairs? #daymade

10. You host weekly dinner parties.
With wine and cheese for everybody!

11. In the few times you’ve been out at night, you were super sleepy by 10.
Because you know you’d rather be under your sheets with your face mask on, reading your favorite chismis magazine. Like YES!

12. @TitasofManila is your favorite Twitter account. 
OMG! I'm not even a real tita but #relate!

13. Your friends actually call you a tita.
But it’s all good, because in your heart, you know that you are. And it is their way of showing appreciation for your motherly love and care. #Tita4lyf

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