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13 Things Only Girls Who Speak Their Minds Understand

You've been told to quiet down for the boys.

1. You've been considered mataray by most people. Sadly it's the price you pay for pointing out what's wrong with the world. People can't accept what's up so they call you mean instead. It's easier for them that way.

2. You've been considered loud, too. It seems like you're raising your voice even when you're not, and the thoughts you express on social media seem like useless or unnecessary noise that several people just scroll through.

3. If you're popular, you get loads of haters. They're going to flood you with hate. Their comments don't always make sense so you can easily ignore them. The plus side to all this is that you're popular for sure. 

4. You love people who agree with you. In a world full of hate and people trying to hush a voice of reason, it's flattering when you get affirmation, especially from people you look up to. Sure, they might only be a few, but who said the world was full of reasonable people? No one.


5. You value good arguments. Because you also appreciate opposing viewpoints when you fail to consider a different perspective or get carried away with your biases.

6. You  want a guy who engages you. You can't have a good conversaion with a wallpaper.

7. You're not always angry. Yup, people think you're always angry, too. Duh, no one is always angry. You're just frequently angry. There's a diff. Jeez.

8. You're not considered a sweetheart. You don't sound sweet with your opinions or criticisms. Or it could also be because "sweet" things hardly ever come out of your mouth.

9. You've been told to quiet down so you won't intimidate guys or scare them away. And you gave the person who told you that a piece of your mind, too. You're not going to tone down just to be liked by everyone, as if it's possible to be liked by every single person out there. And you know you got nothing to do with a guy who can't handle a vocal woman.

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10. You only have a handful of really good friends you can express yourself to. They're not necessarily like you, and that's okay. Point is that you guys know and get each other, and are there for one another no matter what. They love you just as you are, and you love them too.

11. You've been corrected and embarrassed by it. Face it, you've had your share of illogical and uninformed thoughts and wrong opinions. (Yes, there are wrong opinions.)

12. You've wondered if you should keep speaking your mind. It's tiring to do it when not a lot of people listen or talk about important issues. That sort of beats the purpose of speaking your mind.

13. You still speak your mind. You know that for the most part you're a voice of reason, and being listened to and opening the eyes of at least one person is worth it.


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