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15 Things Only People In Digital Publishing Understand

You dread holidays. Especially Christmas and Holy Week.

1. Long weekends make you sad.

It means you need to bank one million stories ahead of the break. Which means you have to go online every day to check if they actually went live during the long break. Which means, what long break?!

2. You have probably written about the most awesome time wasters known to man, like 5 Dogs You Should Follow On Instagram. Emphasis on "awesome," though.

Because cats and dogs are ~everything~ in the World Wide Web.  

3. You have also published some pretty inspiring stuff.

To motivate young girls, or to tell them that it’s okay to chase their dreams a thousand miles away

4. You probably have a GIF. Of yourself.

True story. 

5. You downloaded the Google Analytics App. It is on your phone.


6. If you have a magazine counterpart, you have had variations of this conversation AT LEAST ONCE:

Stranger: Oh wow! You work at Cosmo?

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Me: Yes! I’m the editor of its website,!

Stranger: ~Look of disappointment~ Ah. Akala ko, sa magazine.

Me: *Hindi kita papatulan*

7. Another fond conversation:

Douchebag: Do you even have deadlines, or do you just publish whatever you want?

Me: [In disbelief] Of course we have deadlines. EVERY. SINGLE. HOUR.

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8. You are on call 24/7.

Like, you are literally in the bathroom and someone gets engaged and you have to go out soaking wet because Dingdong Dantes proposing to Marian Rivera is more important than getting pneumonia.

9. You HATE celebrities who get engaged or married on weekends.


10. You switched to a mobile LTE provider so you’re connected ALL THE TIME.

Because #FOMO in the online world is real. Very real.

11. You've fantasized about being disconnected from social media.

In your dream, you were in Macau with your team and Retty asked about posting on Facebook and you actually said, “Oh, we already posted 1,000 stories! Okay na lahat. Let’s just have fun!” #LifeGoals

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12. You have made it a relationship rule that no phones are allowed during dinner, except when:

A. A celebrity gets engaged

B. A celebrity gets married

C. A celebrity colors her hair

13. You end up working extremely well under pressure.

Your boss says, we need a story on Zayn leaving One Direction in 30 minutes! After 20 minutes? Done

14. You can actually work from home!

Which can be a blessing and a curse, but hey, any part of the world can be your office!

15. You love how fast-paced everything is.

You're the first to tell your friends about Ellie Goulding's new song, or the Backstreet Boys coming to Manila, or how to meet that hot guy in Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" video. And you know what? In your heart of hearts, you're pretty sure you've got a pretty badass job.

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