3 Tips For Standing Your Ground

It doesn't matter if you're Team Kris or Team Ruffa. When you find yourself in an emotionally difficult situation at work, keep it together. Here's how.

  • Be in control. Don't get overwhelmed! When faced with a frustrating situation, it may seem easier to say yes and let the other person have his way. Put your foot down and voice out your concern. You'll regret it if you don't speak up.

    Annabelle Rama said on Showbiz Central that Ruffa cried because Kris always makes her bara on The Buzz. But did Ruffa ever put her foot down and tell Kris that she didn't like the way she was being treated? Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself to get the kind of treatment you want.

  • Be patient. Yes, keeping your cool can be very hard when your friend's been complaining nonstop that your hairstyle looks just like hers or your sister's been throwing a tantrum for three days because you won't lend her your pink top. But if you patiently explain, understand, and yet keep firm to your decision, the difficult person will eventually stop bugging you.

    Or in this case, if your friend won't stop talking about something you'd really rather not discuss or think about (like your upcoming transfer to another television network), sometimes the best solution is to stay calm and discuss the topic rationally, or find a respectful way of saying that you don't feel comfortable talking about it.

  • Be confident. Your life is filled with relationships whether you like it or not. Sometimes, what keeps you from facing unpleasant tasks or moments with people in your life is your own fear. This fear allows these people to take advantage of you. Make an effort to stand up for who you are, what you believe in, and what you want in the most polite but firmest way possible. As long as you have a good sense of who you are and what you want in your life, you'll earn people's respect. And they'll think twice before they start bullying you.

    Ruffa was seen visibly tearing up before she left the set of The Buzz, because she got overly emotional (and maybe a little hurt) when Kris brought up her impending move to TV5. But Ruffa already made the decision to transfer and signed the contract. She might have been sad about the move and sad to leave her ABS-CBN family, but she should take pride in her decision--one she made for the benefit of her career. Work is work, and you have to take the best possible opportunities when you can. Everyone can respect that.

  • With reports from Regina Belmonte

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