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4 Good Deeds To Practice In 2012

Nothing makes a gal feel as fab as the sensation of having been a good Samaritan. Make it your resolution to be one this year (and always). Here's how it's done!

1. Be an online angel.

Not doing your bit for humanity? Log on to a chatroom or your online friends network, and scroll through the posts to find someone who needs info, encouragement, or a friend. Be somebody's hero today!

2. Drive slowly.

Stop for someone to cross the road (cute dudes don't count) and let them pass. Give the car behind you room to overtake, and be patient as an inexpert driver maneuvers out of a tight spot. The relieved and disbelieving expressions on people's faces will make you feel like a million bucks.

3. Call up an elderly person.

Call your grandma, or visit your fave old teacher who just retired. Give them all the time they need to talk. It's guaranteed to make any girl feel loved, wanted, and very good about herself!

4. Say cheese!

Crack a smile for the salesgirl who helped you find the perfect little black dress, the 4-year-old girl who gazed at you in awestruck wonder, or the janitor riding in the lift with you. Spread some happiness to find an echo of that joy inside yourself.

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