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4 Mood Boosters For Really Bad Days

a.k.a. when your day is full of crap.

1. Have some QT with your girlfriends.
A whole day of non-stop girl bonding might be all you need to clear your mind and have the energy to be on top of things once again when you get back to work. 

2. Work out.

You might want to read these for #Fitspiration:

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14 Habits Of People Who Always Stay Fit
7 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Work Out
6 Machines To Avoid At The Gym

3. Watch your favorite Cosmo hunks.
If these eligible bachelors don’t make you feel better after, we don’t know what will.

Let's start with Joseph Marco, shall we?

 4. Listen to a happy playlist. 

There’s nothing like a feel-good tune to perk you up!

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