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4 Reasons To NOT Have Sex

...that is, when you've already started doing the deed. Could be hard, but it can do you good.
Your annual gyne checkup is tomorrow. Take a sex sabbatical for 24 hours before the exam. Semen and vaginal fluid can remain on or near your cervix for several hours after intercourse, possibly tainting the results of your Pap smear or other important tests.

You have urinary tract infection. Hold off until you’ve completed an entire course of meds and symptoms are gone, since sex can make the infection worse by propelling bacteria even further into your urethra and bladder. Plus, your man’s penis pushing against your urinary tract might make you moan—in pain, not pleasure.

You've got a cold or the flu. Hooking up won’t make your symptoms worse, but pick a position that keeps your faces apart or you’ll pass your bug to him. Both diseases are transmitted via viral particles in your nasal secretions.   

You have a yeast infection. Doing the deed can intensify common yeast side effects, such as itching and inflammation on your vulva.

Source: Lisa Masterson, MD, ob-gyne at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles
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