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5 Color Tricks For Small Spaces

Low wall? Tight hallway? Let hues and shades work magic in your limited space.

Raise up a low ceiling 

Colorful vertical stripes can make a ceiling seem high. Add oomph to this optical illusion by opting for rich, '70s-inspired hues.

Brighten up a narrow hallway

Paint the end of a long, narrow hallway with a vibrant color like a lemon-y yellow. This will add life to a plain corridor.

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Draw attention to a bright wall

If the home has a strange layout, use a bold color to distract guests from the awkward shape.

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Use dark curtains

Downplay a rich color by using soft furnishings in neutral colors like white, khaki, or navy.

Use a bright rug

The living area can be separated from the other parts of the home with a brightly-colored floor rug.

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