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5 Secrets Of Superb Sleepers

Sleep all, sleep all day.

Superb sleepers (n) –People who are exceptionally good at sleeping.

“Improving our sleep health is not just about avoiding dysfunctional sleep patterns and habits; it's also about re-envisioning ourselves as superb sleepers,” says Rubin Naiman, Ph.D., a sleep specialist from Huffington Post.

So CGs, take note of these secrets to get the most out of sleeping:

1. Superb sleepers welcome all kinds of dreams, even the challenging ones.
"Because they know that dreaming is natural, healthy, and supportive of their emotional well-being," they welcome and do not fear the uncertainty and mystery their subconscious may reveal when they are asleep.

2. Superb sleepers know how to truly let go.
They believe that they will be more effective in resolving the day's unfinished business after a good night's rest.

3. Superb sleepers don’t fight occasional daytime sleepiness.
They listen to their body and do not fight the urge to sleep. They can be excellent nappers as well. 

4. Superb sleepers can wake up without an alarm clock.
There are no major disruptive activities that interrupt their well-established sleeping patterns. Waking up at the same time daily is second nature to them.

5. Superb sleepers  are on good terms with themselves.
"Because they are comfortable spending a few minutes alone with themselves in the dark, they go willingly into the night." No need for gadgets, pre-sleep routines, or medication to get sleepy!


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