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5 Sexy Moves To Boost Your Confidence

Here are simple things any girl can do to create an alluring, mysterious vibe.

Have a habit of backing out of rooms so guys don't ogle your backside? Well, you're about to trade that kind of behavior for a look-at-me-I'm-hot act. Use these moves to kick-start your confidence and gain on-the-spot sex appeal.

1. Call a sexy memory to mind.

Remembering an ultra-erotic moment from your past will give you an alluring "cat who ate the canary" aura.

2. Think of a secret.

Sitting on a piece of juicy classified info? Roll it around in your mind for a minute and enjoy the naughty feeling of knowing something you're not supposed to reveal.

3. Savor a sensation.

Awakening your nerve endings—say, by running a silky scarf against your skin or lifting a foamy cappuccino to your lips—gives you an instant sensual charge.

4. Dust on a little bronzer.

It's trite but true: Giving yourself a glow can instantly make you feel more attractive. Swipe on a daring red lip color for an extra seductive vibe.

5. Sip something with bubbles.

At the bar, order champagne or a sparkling cocktail like a Bellini. It's hard to feel anything but fab when you're holding a flute that's filled with bubbles.

Source: Sheenah Hankin, PhD, author of Complete Confidence

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