7 Free Apps To Step Up Your Instagram Game

Because (Instagram) love don't cost a thing.

Are you an IG noob who doesn't know how to even begin turning a rectangle-sized photo into a square-sized one? Or are you just plain sick of Instagram's filters?

We round up some cool free photo editing apps—available for both iOS and Android, yay!—that you can pass your snaps through first so they’re <3-worthy once they’re up on IG. Got other suggestions? Share free apps you love in the comments!

1. VSCO Cam


Perfect for: Taking photos (it has its own camera), filtering, and fine-tuning

Why it’s great: VSCO Cam is a favorite among fashion folks, photographers, and people you follow who may not be either but still rack up those double taps. The preset filters are already subtle and elegant to begin with. Plus, the filters are named in letter-number combos such as A6 and M5—how minimalist chic is that?
Download: iOS, Android

2. Snapseed

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Perfect for: Filtering and fine-tuning

Why it’s great: Another fave among creative types, Snapseed has tons of editing options within each tool and filter that allow you to make your landscape shots pop just the way you want. It might be overwhelming to use at first—there’s SO MUCH you can do with it!—but in the name of awesome IG photos, we know you’ll get the hang of it.
Download: iOS, Android

3.  Pixlr-o-matic 

Perfect for: Adding a retro effect

Why it’s great: Y'all know that part of the appeal of Instagram is being able to add a ~vintage~ feel to your photos, right? Pixlr-o-matic gives you more ways to do just that with lots of preset filters, overlays, and frames, all in an easy-to-use interface. 

Download: iOS, Android

4. Instasize

Perfect for: Resizing photos to IG-ready squares

Why it’s great: We’ve all been there: You want to upload an #OOTD to your IG, but opening it directly in the app forces you to either crop your head or your fierce new shoes off. Open your photo with Instasize first; it will automatically add borders to make your photo square-shaped. Yay, your shoes are safe from the butchery!

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Download: iOS, Android 

5. Pic Stitch

Perfect for: Making collages

Why it’s great: Got pics from a trip or event, and want to publish them altogether in one IG post instead of separate ones? Use this app to stitch pics (Get it? Get it?) together: just choose a collage layout, select a photo for each box, and finish off with a frame. Instagram also recently launched the Layout app, which does the trick, too!

Download: iOS, Android

6. Phonto

Perfect for: Adding text

Why it’s great: With this app, you can slap your caption straight onto the image. Just choose from the app’s many fonts, type in your text, and you’re all set to inspire. Or hugot, whichever you prefer.

Download: iOS, Android

7. aillis (formerly LINE Camera)

Perfect for: Adding kawaii stamps and frames

Why it’s great: Use this app to stick on a tiara or a pair of glasses to someone’s face, or just go ~*cRaZy*~ with hearts and stars. Who says your IG posts have to be as serious as a heart attack all the time?

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Download: iOS, Android

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