8 Breakup Tips, According To The Boys

Boys cry too.

A breakup is an arduous experience. First there’s the denial of it all, trying to mend something that obviously has no chance in hell of being put back together again. Then there’s the pandering for attention, morbidly depressing posts on Facebook and Instagram signaling your journey towards The Deep End.

The crescendo comes in the form of sleepless nights of endless crying, where you lock yourself in the room, forget to eat and shower, and deplete your family’s supply of tissue paper. You wail in front of your friends as they try to tell you that everything will be okay.

If you’re tired of hearing the same old advice from your gal pals when it comes to dealing with heartbreak, here’s the thing, they’re probably sick of your constantly broken heart, too. So why not try and get advice from the source of all this drama: the men.

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Here’s what they have to say when it comes to wiping those tears away, holding your head up high, and heading out into the great dating unknown post-breakup.

“Keep yourself busy. Do all the things you wanted to do, but couldn’t when you were in the relationship. Go out of town to travel. Spend on yourself. Reconnect with your friends. Just make sure not to do anything that can harm your vulnerable single state.” -Ash, 24


“Once you’ve broken up with someone, make sure you’re ready to be stone cold. In my experience, it’s best to distance yourself from the ex so you don’t arouse any former emotions.” -Engell, 24


“Delete your ex from all social media accounts. Block access to Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. Seeing posts and pictures will only make things more difficult to bear. Plus, do you really want to see the new girl he’s dating once you’ve severed ties?” -Liam, 26


“Find a casual hookup. There’s nothing like a great, no-strings-attached lay to make someone forget the hurt of a burned relationship.” -Mickey, 27


“Try boxing because physical activity is always a great confidence boost. Up your market value by working out, taking on a sport, and releasing the aggression. After you’ve shed all that poundage you gained from your happy relationship years, you might catch the fancy of another person.” -Jac, 30


“Don’t expect to be friends. The only thing worse than having to deal with the embarrassment of a breakup, is having your ex feel obliged to be chummy with you. It’s gross, annoying, and insulting all at the same time.” -Paolo, 28


“Grieve for the relationship by drinking it all away. Once you’ve filled yourself with copious amounts of alcohol, you’ll be to inebriated to even care. The next day, when you’re hangover is hammering your head, you’ll be to busy nursing it to even think about that stupid ex of yours.” -Mics, 29


“Music is always a great source of escape. Play your favorite records. Chill out. Relax, because now, you have no one to think of but yourself. Listen to Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’, that’s sure to heal some wounds.”-Andy, 25

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