Are You Going To See Your Ex At A Party?


It's going to happen eventually: You will see him. It is written in the stars. He may be with a new girlfriend—or boyfriend (you never know)—or he may not be with anyone at all. While it's true that you can never be prepared for these things, when you do know that you're seeing your ex, it's best not to panic. We'll show you how.

1. Go to the party only if you're ready.

"But am I ever going to be ready for this shit?" NEVER. But if you're still crying your eyes out every night and calling your BFF to talk about what an assface your ex was, don't bother going.  You're trying to get over an ex, and seeing him (whether you're over him or not) will bring out a lot of feels. You have to be ready to deal with the feels. If you're not, don't go. Make other plans!

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2. Call for backup.

And we're not saying bring a Really Hot Guy to make him jealous. Bring your best girlfriend—anyone who can hold your hand and distract you when you finally see Him with Her. If you don't have anyone, always have a girlfriend at the ready so you can text her in case things get awkward.

3. Dress well, but don't over do it.

Okay, we get that you have to look better than him, but don't show up in a sexy pencil skirt and a crop top if it's a house party. Dress well, but dress appropriately. Revenge post-relationship apocalypse means looking good, without appearing like you're trying too hard. Wear those jeans that make you look like you have an amazing butt.

4. Don't have the closure talk.

You are seriously going to do this at a friend's house? Don't make this party memorable by having a screaming/crying fit with your ex in front of everyone. That is not cool. That is embarrassing. You are going to hate yourself after. No closure talk! Especially when there's alcohol involved!

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5. But talk to him.

If you want to and if you're ready. If he introduces you to his new girlfriend, be polite. Be yourself. Like, the nice, kind, beautiful, you. Not the angry, crying Did You Just Steal My Boyfriend I Want To Scratch Your Face Bitch, you.

6. No one expects you to be friends with him or her.

And you don't have to. So don't apologize if you don't feel like talking to him. If he says hi, say hi back. But don't strike up a conversation if you're not up for it. Mingle! Socialize with other people! Stop looking at him!

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