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Bathroom Hacks That'll Make Your Life Easier

Find your hair pins right where you left them.

Organizing and keeping your bathroom spick-and-span can be a chore, but a few tricks can make your messy bathroom cleaner and your usual hour-long routine quicker. Scroll down for simple hacks that will make your life a whole lot easier. 

Make a towel organizer out of tin cans.

Need a better place to store your towels? Why not roll them and place them inside tin cans. Yes, tin cans–they’re easier to use and with a little creativity, they’ll also look more appealing. Find the tutorial here

Hang a magnetic board by your dresser to organize your makeup.

If you primp and prettify in the bathroom, you can make your morning routine a lot easier (and faster) by placing a magnetic board by your bathroom mirror. Just attach magnets to your makeup's base, so everything is easily accessible. You don't just save time, but also space!

Keep your bobby hair pins in check with a magnet strip.

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Do you ever wonder where all your hair pins go? To avoid a scavenger hunt every morning, tape a magnetic strip on your wall or dresser and stick the pins on it to keep them all in one place. An alternative: a long, thick strip of fabric that you could pin on your wall.

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