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7 Beginner-Friendly Plants Every ~Newbie~ Plantita Should Have

Time to start your indoor jungle. ;)
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So... you decided to finally bite the bullet and buy some plants to become a full-fledged plantita. Good news: There are tons of types for you to choose from, whether they can purify your air, help you sleep better, or get rid of pesky mosquitoes. Bad news: This whole halamom biz can be quite confusing, especially if you don't know where to begin. We're here to help! Ahead, we list down seven beginner-friendly plants any newbie can take care of:

  1. Pothos

    One of the top choices for beginner plants is the good ol' pothos. It's easy to care for as it doesn't need a lot of sunlight and water for it to survive. They make great hanging plants too, as they tend to grow quite a bit. When this happens, you can propagate them (aka cut out some of the trailing stems) and repot them. 

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  2. Monstera deliciosa

    The Monstera deliciosa, also affectionately called the Swiss cheese plant, thrives in bright to medium indirect light. You only need to water it weekly or when one to two inches of soil is already dry to the touch. Its big, unusual leaves make it a great addition to your home and can instantly amp up its ~aesthetic~.

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  3. Snake

    Snake plants are low-light plants that can survive without getting hit by direct sunlight. They also don't need that much watering. When it's time to give them agua, make sure not to overdo it as their roots may rot when exposed to moist soil.

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  4. Succulents

    Succulents are very easy and low-maintenance plants as they thrive on very little water. They need about six hours of sunlight, so place them in an area where they can catch some rays. 

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  5. ZZ

    Zamioculculas zamiifolia, more popularly known as the ZZ plant, is accustomed to dry environments, making it great if you're the type to forget to water your plants. Keep in mind to give it a "shower" when its soil is fully dry.

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  6. Philodendrons

    If you live in a place where there isn't much natural sunlight, a philodendron would make a great starter plant. Keep it in indirect light because the leaves might turn yellow when exposed to too much sunshine. You'll know you need to water it when the first inch of its soil is bone-dry.

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  7. Spider

    A spider plant is a great entry point into the world of greenery. It can survive in a variety of light conditions, so it will thrive in any area of your house that you'll place it. They also don't have a super strict watering scheduling but remember to do it at least once a week.

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