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PSA: This Compact Digital Camera Comes In The *Cutest* Pastel Colors

It costs less than P4,000!
PHOTO: Instagram/benandbart

Film cameras have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, thanks to the popularity of the vintage-looking, grainy, and overexposed aesthetic in photos. However, it can be an expensive hobby, with film cameras' prices increasing in recent years due to their demand and popularity. Film rolls aren't cheap either, with each one setting you back a couple hundred pesos for just 24 to 36 exposures.

If you're looking for a way to achieve the same effect without shelling out tons of cash every time, you might want to invest in a digital camera. Not only will you get nearly the same effect by just messing with the settings, but you also get to see the photos ASAP. (Perfect for impatient people like ourselves, LOL!)

On the lookout for a cute digicam that won't break the bank? We found the perfect option for you: Local vintage store Ben and Bart's Mordica 90s digital camera! Check out all the deets you need to know about this cam:


Everything You Need To Know About Ben and Bart's Mordica 90s Digital Camera

Ben and Bart's Mordica 90s Digital Camera: Features and Inclusions

This digicam from Ben and Bart comes in five cute colors: two neutrals (white and black) and three pastels (pink, blue, and purple). P.S. You can check how the pictures taken using the digicam will turn out here!

It comes with the following features:

  • single photo and burst mode
  • video recording with built-in mic
  • built-in flash
  • built-in speakers
  • time stamp on photos and videos
  • zoom in and zoom out
  • USB port
  • micro SD card insert
  • vintage filters - B&W, sepia, film tone
  • video resolution - 1080 Full HD
  • photo resolution - 48 megapixels
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Ben and Bart's Mordica 90s Digital Camera: Price

The Mordica 90s digicam costs P3,950, though it usually goes on sale, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled! As of this writing, it's currently priced at P3,600 on the Ben and Bart website.


Ben and Bart's Mordica 90s Digital Camera: How to Buy

You can purchase the Mordica 90s digital camera on Ben and Bart's official website and on their official Shopee and Lazada pages.


Make sure to follow Ben and Bart on their official Instagram page to be updated on their latest drops.

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