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Add To Cart: This P329 Reusable + Waterproof Film Camera Comes In The *Cutest* Colors

They're perfect for film photography beginners!
aquapix 35mm waterproof reusable film camera
PHOTO: Shopee/MVP Camera

Hello there! If you've been wanting to get into film photography for quite some time now, then you know just how *expensive* analog cameras can be. They can go from P2,500 to almost P10,000 and above for certain vintage models. Sure, you can try for disposable ones, but they aren't really environmentally-friendly since you toss them out after the film roll is used up. Luckily, we found a reusable + waterproof one that only costs P329!

The Aquapix 35mm waterproof cover and camera
Shopee/MVP Camera
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The Aquapix 35mm film camera has a clear waterproof casing so you can take pictures at a maximum depth of 10 feet. It has a manual film winding function and features focus-free lens. Unlike disposable cameras, you can simply load another 35mm film roll once you've used up the current one—yay!

The Aquapix 35mm with open film cover
Shopee/MVP Camera
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But arguably the best part about this camera is that it comes in a TON of cute colors! From the listing we spotted online, we saw yellow, white, orange, red, pink, blue, light blue, cyan, and violet.

The Aquapix 35mm in different colors
Shopee/MVP Camera

Interested? You can buy the Aquapix 35mm reusable + waterproof film camera from the MVP Camera Shopee store for only P329

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