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11 Signs You're Spending Too Much Time On Netflix

You get this message: 'Are you still there?'
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At the beginning of this year, you probably thought you were going to get your life in order. You were gonna work hard from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and then head to the gym. Or take up a class. Or spend more time meeting new people. Instead, you spend hours in traffic and by the time you get home, it's Netflix until you fall asleep.

We know because, hard same, LOL. But how do you know you're spending too much time on Netflix?

  1. You get this message: "Are you still there?"


  2. You have offline episodes lined up on your phone.

    Whether you're stuck in traffic or just in the longest plane ride EVER, you have to be watching your latest obsession. Waiting is for amateurs. 

  3. You already have a slight headache but...

    *plays next episode*! 

  4. When someone talks about a new show, your first question is: "Is it on Netflix?"

    If it's a yes, then you start it the same day it was recommended. But if it's a no? What's the point? What was life before Netflix? We can't remember, either. 

  5. You've seen everything on your Recommended List...

    So you ask your friends for recommendations, only to find out that you've seen those shows, too. 

  6. That said, your favorite section is "Recently Added."

    Well, hello there. You want to be seen. Heard. Known. Of course, I obliged. (We can go all day.)

  7. You put off going to the bathroom.

    It doesn't make sense. You could always press pause. It won't even take long. Still, you sit there, committed, until the episode is finished. 

  8. You go on a "following" spree on Instagram.

    When you're hooked on a show, you ~follow~ the entire cast on Insta. And then you're left dumbfounded: "So this is what Penn Badgley's been up to all these years!" or "Wow, Elizabeth Lail used to have red hair."

  9. You also look up the show or movie's soundtrack. 

    You need the full experience, and we get that. 

  10. You're watching so many things at the same time, that all the plots are starting to get twisted in your head. 

    You're in the middle of discussing the latest episode with your best friend, but she has this confused look on your face...and then you realize you're remembering that other show you're watching. 

  11. You, after watching Elite:

    "I can speak Spanish now."

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