Why The 'Boyfriends Of Instagram' Facebook Page Is Sexist And Wrong

It is not a crime to be a confident woman with a sick Insta game.
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The newest way to publicly shame women who are simply feeling themselves comes in the form of this "Boyfriends of Instagram" Facebook page, which is dedicated to making fun of women who ask their partners to take cute pictures of them.

The Facebook page has more than 22,000 likes, and has been covered by no shortage of online publications. Elite Daily likes that the page showcases "the ridiculous things that boyfriends do" to get an Insta-worthy shot. Mashable took the route of tongue-in-cheek humor about how dumb all the resulting photos of these women are. Even a local Fox News affiliate covered the Facebook page, noting how courageous it is of these boyfriends to "stand in potentially dangerous places and even hold a purse in public" in order to get a perfect photo for their loved ones.

What all the coverage of this Facebook page has yet to point out is how blatantly sexist the premise of it is. Look to the captions on the photos posted to the page. There's this one, which refers to two women posing for a normal-ass beach photo as "chicks" and assumes the guy taking the picture "got laid" for using three seconds of his life to take a picture.

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There's this one, which (wrongfully) assumes a woman is fine with her kid drowning so long as she gets a great bikini picture:

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And then there's this one (my favorite), which praises this man for being a "hero" because he squatted down for 0.02 seconds to take a picture:

The theme across all the "Boyfriends of Instagram" Facebook posts is that women who want cute pictures of themselves are greedy monsters who force their patient and loving boyfriends to do horrible things, like, I don't know, hold an phone for a second and snap a series of photos. The running joke is that women are conceited and men are reasonable because they would never do anything as ridiculous as pose for a sexy photo on the beach.

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It's a radical act to be a woman who loves herself, and it's even more radical to post the receipts of that love online. Look at the way men are constantly making fun of women for posing for selfies, or the way people constantly rip female celebrities like Kim Kardashian apart for posing hot pics of themselves online. Perhaps because sexism and misogyny function best when women are weak or hate themselves, it's a narrative in our culture to tear women apart for something as harmless as a selfie, or in the case of this Facebook page, a staged photo taken by someone who purports to love them.

All you need to know is this: There's nothing wrong with asking your boyfriend to take a picture of you if you want him to. If a guy refuses or rolls his eyes or complains that you're too demanding for such a simple ask? Dump him so fast his head rolls off his shoulders. If Beyoncé can ask Jay to take pictures of her, you can do the same. And you should never, ever feel ashamed about that.

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