Can An Introvert Land A Great Job?

What are your career options?

While introverts may not feel comfortable in certain jobs, they can be as smart, organized, and analytical as the next person. So can they land a great job that they absolutely love and feel motivated to turn it into a career? Of course! If you’re an introvert, just remember your strengths and don’t be afraid to talk about them when you are being interviewed. After all, who else will let them know what you are capable of but you, right?

For the job-seeking introvert, here are a few professions that might suit you.

Online writer

Everything’s online, and there is a steady demand for people who can discuss complex topics in everyday language. Most of the work is done in front of the computer in the office or at home, and most of the topics need very little human interaction.


Keeping records and books in proper order takes a lot more focus than most people think. It’s also the type of job that keeps you alone most of the time. Archiving lawyers’ records or library inventory gives an introvert all the peace and quiet she or he would ever want.

Social Media Manager

Managing communities online means an introvert can be comfortable in front of a computer, even when engaging with people. Sometimes, administrators on social media platforms have very little interaction, since most of the work is all about making sure the client-facing online material is up-to-date (like Facebook updates or Twitter posts).

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Video editor

Most of the time you’ll be in front of the computer, and the only time you’ll need to go to meetings would be to make sure the movie or video is being polished according to the timeline.

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