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5 Social Media Accounts To Follow If You Need Advice About Money


Growing up, one of my *main concerns* has always been how to be financially literate. TBH, whenever I'd hear words like "invest," "insurance," or "loans," my mind would just slowly drift. But throughout ~adulting~, I've come to accept the fact that knowing more about money and how to handle it is v v important! Learning how to make a budget and tracking your expenses can be super helpful. Especially now that there's an ongoing pandemic, I'm sure everyone can relate when I say that making wise decisions when it comes to handling money deserves *extra attention*. 


If you need a guide and are curious to know more about financial planning, thankfully, there are people who share their expertise online. Below, we asked girls from our Cosmo Community to share the people they follow for financial advice. 

Harmoney With Toni B.

Follow: Harmoney with Toni B.
Recommended by: Micha

Toni B., also known as Antoinette Brillantes, is a financial consultant and planner. Her goal is to educate, encourage, and empower fellow Pinays to dream bigger. If you check out her Facebook page, you'll see money-saving tips and lessons on how to manage your expenses wisely.


The Financial Diet

Follow: The Financial Diet
Recommended by: Marga

Thinking about savings, income, and expenses can be dreading topics especially for millennials who are adulting. Luckily, there's The Financial Diet, a platform that talks about your money concerns in a way that's comforting and easy to understand. From budgeting to career talks, TFD has it all! 

The Present

Follow: The Present

"The Present shares business and finance-related videos to inspire people to live a meaningful life. One lesson that I've learned is that managing money in a relationship is not a gender-based role. It's about who's more knowledgeable and disciplined enough to track income and expenses. As I applied it in my relationship, the better lesson there is communication. My husband updates me about our 'profit and loss' every week. He tells me the budget for groceries, cat food, electricity, personal stuff, etc. He asks if the budget is realistic. He keeps me up to date so I also know how much money is coming in and out. He keeps me involved and I'm grateful for that." -Adelaine

Vincent Rapisura

Follow: Vincent Rapisura

"Vince established SEDPI, which is a group of social enterprises that aim to financially empower Filipinos worldwide. His IG account is filled with financial literacy tips such as ways to get money to start a business, how to pick an insurance agent, and opportunities for social investments. For someone like me living abroad, it's good to know that there are smarter ways to invest so that I can come home and retire with financial freedom. His best money tip? Be smart kuripot!" -Gianna

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Chink Positive

Follow: Chink Positive
Recommended by: Mizpah

Apart from being a radio, TV, and social media personality, Chinkee Tan is also a motivational speaker who focuses on talking about money, mindset, and success. He's a blogger and an author of three bestselling books namely, Till Debt Do Us Part: Practical Steps To Financial Freedom, For Richer and For Poorer, and Rich God Poor God. He  uploads videos on his YouTube channel daily and shares tips on how Pinoys can be wealthy and debt-free.



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