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How Do I Negotiate A Higher Salary?

Plus, more career questions answered.

My boss quit and I'm in panic mode. What do I do?

If you have a good relationship with her, schedule some time to ask what this change means for you. She might provide some important insight into your future. Next, update your résumé just to be prepared. If you're experienced enough to step up into her position, put together a pitch to your HR department. Otherwise, if they're hiring someone new above you, ask yourself if you want to start over there or if maybe it's time to make a move.

How do I negotiate the pay on a job offer?

Assuming the person hiring doesn't know your salary, listen to the offer and then say you're already making that and hope to increase your salary at your next position. That doesn't sound ungrateful!

I have to duck out of work for a job interview—not ideal, but necessary. What's the best way to do it?


First choice: Leave during lunch. Second best: Schedule the interview before or after work—otherwise, it's really obvious when you come in dressed to impress. As a last resort, schedule a "doctor's appointment" and put it on your calendar (with a doctor's name and address).

I just landed my dream job—at my current company's direct competitor. I'm worried about burning bridges and tainting the relationships I've worked so hard to build. Is it worth it?

Stop! Your most important allegiance is to yourself. This is a common occurrence and nothing that your company should look down upon. In fact, if you were really valuable to them, then they would find a way to counteroffer. If they don't, you should have a clear conscience to move on! Your coworkers will likely be happy for you; keep in touch with them (without trading secrets, obviously) to maintain those relationships.

What should I bring up when the interviewer asks if I have any questions?

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Some ideas: What areas of the company does this position interact with? Is the success of this role dependent on other departments? (For example: Do you need to work daily with a sales team to do your job?) What's the company culture like here? What do you like most about this company?

A guy from my college just got hired at my company. He keeps trying to insert himself into my work friend group, and it makes me super uncomfortable! I've changed a lot since school, and I don't want him mentioning my crazy days. What should I do?

Have you ever considered that maybe he's changed as well? I don't think he's there to rock your world—he just wants to fit in and make friends, and you're his "in." Grab coffee together and tell him how much you've grown since your crazy coed days and that your college memories are ones you'd like to leave in the past. I'm sure he'll share how much he's changed too. Then you can both move on comfortably.



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