How Early Should You Arrive For A Job Interview?

Is there etiquette when it comes to being on time?
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Job interviews are stressful. What are you supposed to wear? How do you answer tough questions? What time are you even meant to arrive? Timing can be tricky etiquette, because many regard it as rude to be early as it is to be late. Here, a career expert offers some advice on how to time your arrival perfectly.

Amy Polefrone, the CEO of HR Strategy Group, spoke to Huffington Post UK, and explained that she believes 10-15 minutes early is an appropriate time to arrive to give the right impression. "[It shows] you're ready, you're eager, and you have your game face on."

Any earlier, though, and you might throw your interviewer offit'll leave them wondering why you've got so much free time, and also make them feel like they have to rush.

"If you get there too early, it makes the interviewing team nervous and on edge, they're wondering 'Why is she here so early,'" Amy continued. "And it makes the hiring team that is wrapping up other meetings feel rushed. You don't want to do that.

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"There is also a need to feel that, 'Oh, I need to entertain this person.'"

While it's important to look keen and be prepared, you don't want to be too early as it might put your future employer off. Equally, being late to a job interview creates a very bad impression, with Simply Hired's data revealing 93 percent of hiring managers wouldn't employ someone who was late to their interview.

"At its root, an [interview] appointment is a contract between you and me," William Vanderbloeman, CEO and founder of his own search group, explained to Moneyish." And if you cannot keep this very first contract we have, especially when you're trying to impress me, tells me that you'll likely not be able to deliver on any other contract I entrust you with if you were on my team."



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