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5 Pinays On How They *Really* Feel About Video Call Meetings

Including what they say when they're not prepared.
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With physical distancing rules in place and people working from home, you may have noticed a significant number of virtual meetings scheduled in your planner. These days, it's unavoidable. And while audio meetings are possible, there are still some bosses who prefer to actually see their employees as they go through the day's agenda. How does that make you feel?

People in our Cosmo Mixers talk about how they've dealt with the increase in video call meetings. 

  1. "I work in I. T. and it's common in our industry to be working the 'global shift' where our typical work day includes work with people from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. My video calls are usually between 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., when all I have on my face is skincare and I am already in pajamas. I don't know if it's just me, but I have no shame... I don't make excuses. I literally tell my U.S. colleagues who just woke up and who might be having coffee: "I am presenting something really important and I don't want to distract you from the fact that I have a sheet mask on." I know by saying this that I've just given them a funny image of me in their heads, at least I have their attention while I present serious topics." -Bev
  2. "I prefer to be asked ahead of time para I can set-up on my end din. I like to sit where there's better lighting and wire my device para hindi interrupted yung video (vs wifi signal na minsan erratic). Siyempre, I wear a better top and put a little color on my face so I don't look like a dead person...

    If I'm not in the mood, I use internet connection as an excuse, hehe! Totoo naman kasi na mas malaking bandwidth ang naco-consume if with video, and puwede bumagal o maging choppy vs. audio lang. So I ask if okay to reconsider an audio call so the connection won't be interrupted along the way.
    " -Anya
  3. "I get anxious about video calls. I generally don't feel comfortable about being in front of the camera, video calls included. I get agitated that I feel the need to fix up, find a good background, tell the whole household to keep quiet because I'm in a call, etc. I'm better with audio calls!" -Retty
  4. "As an introvert, I used to hate calls in general, and when I started working from home, I dreaded video call meetings. Now, I prefer it over other channels of communication, especially when receiving feedback. (Wow who is she?!) When you see the person's expressions and hear the tone of their voice, mas may context yung sinasabi nila at pinanggagalingan nila, e. TBH, hassle lang talaga kapag hindi maayos itsura mo or hindi ka ready for the call. When that happens, I just ask for five minutes, so I can get ready." -Ginyn
  5. "[I say] the internet is slow [and] I am trying not to consume more bandwidth or voice will sound robotic. I believe it is more important for you to hear me than see me." -Jennifer
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