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What It's Like To Be A Photographer On The ABS-CBN Ball Red Carpet

PHOTO: Cosmopolitan Philippines

Ever wonder what it's like to be a photographer on the red carpet of big celebrity events like the Star Magic Ball and ABS-CBN Ball? Well...

Once you get your own spot, DO NOT LEAVE.

In the Philippines, when you call dibs for a spot, it'll only be yours if you're physically there. Saving a spot with a bag or any other marker doesn't do anything. Someone will move it no matter what. 


The celebrities who walk earlier in the night are sort of the "testers."

Don't get me wrong: Of course, event photographers test their cameras and lighting before the red carpet opens, but the first few celebrities to arrive will definitely be the subjects of the ~*test shots*~ ? LOL! We need time to adjust, too.

There's ~*a lot*~ of gossip among photographers. 

There are nice titos who are really generous with the information they get from others (like when certain artista will arrive, who are sure to attend, etc).  They're really loud about it even though they're already whispering. Some people make small talk and become friends, but I'm an I listen and lurk, LOL. 

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Don't be fooled with friendly favors.

If someone asks you to move because they just want to talk to their "friend" or kasama who's in front, DONT. EVER. GIVE. UP. YOUR. SPOT. I made the mistake of allowing someone to "talk to their friend," but she just took over my spot. She never left, UGH, that bish. 

You have to be prepared for the worst.

Bring five extra memory cards. Charge all your batteries and bring two sets of everything. Need to be somewhere to coordinate with the rest of your team? MAKE YOUR PARTNER WAIT FOR YOU TO DRIVE YOU WHEREVER YOU NEED TO BE ('cause obviously you'll be too busy looking through your photos to drive yourself). Whatever it takes!


Dress to impress. 

When it comes to being given access to these events, especially in restricted areas (read: where the celebs are), the ones who look good have higher chances of getting it. FACT. 

The more candid the shot, the more "likes" it gets on the internet.

Celebs taking selfies? Celebs stepping on their gowns? Celebs eating? Celebs dancing? People on the Internet love seeing celebrities doing ~normal~ stuff. It makes them seem more accessible. 



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