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7 Phrases Millennials Are Tired Of Hearing In The Workplace

'All you want to do is travel, travel, travel!'

It kind of gets monotonous hearing the term "millennial" thrown around the workplace. When an older person, say of the Gen-X or Baby Boomer generation, struggle to find the perfect adjective to describe their employees’ or coworkers’ habits, they automatically chalk it up to being millennial. Well, that, CGs, is just the kind of lazy, hasty generalization that should die along with our spent forefathers. Just to help you all recognize some of the overused, saturated phrases we’re all tired of hearing at the office, scroll through the list below.

1. "That’s sooooo millennial."

Well, that’s so baby boomer of you if that’s the case, you old fart!

2. "You millennials are lazy, entitled, and narcissistic."

We’re pretty sure these scathing adjectives can apply to people in their 40s as well.

3. "You have too much wanderlust. All millennials want to do is travel, travel, travel!"

Uhm, it’s just that we understand the value of a vacation. If we have vacation leaves, we’ll use them. The farther we can get away from you oldies, the better.

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4. "Hindi yan tatagal. Job-hoppers sila e."

Baka naman kupal lang talaga boss niya?

5. "Millennials just take too long to grow up."

What’s the rush? So we can be mature yet sad like you? Forget it. 

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6. "You need to invest your hard-earned money in a house, a car, and insurance for security."

What they don’t tell you is you’ll be paying for all that until the day you die.

7. "What’s with the obsession with social media?"

We’re not just grammin’, you know. We are actually working using our phones and the Internet. But most of the time we’re just grammin’.