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Pinay Working Moms Still Experience Discrimination In The Office

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If you've ever been asked about your plans on starting a family during a job interview, that's not a standard question...or at least it shouldn't be anymore. If you think about it, what does that have to do with how well you can do a job, right? But, unfortunately, traditional employers still believe that if motherhood is in your future, you're somehow less important/lucrative than your male counterpart. And the sad truth is that's not the only time women face workplace discrimination. 

A recent study of 900 people by Monster Philippines reveals some of the challenges Pinays still face at work today:

  • 39% of women say their biggest barrier to success in the workplace is “the way they are perceived or treated” by others.

  • 39% of women believe they have been held back from promotions because of their gender.

  • 17% have been questioned during interviews about their plans to have children.

  • 29% of women believe their choice to have a family has held them back in their careers.

  • 18% say they experience things like being "talked down to" by their boss, or being called names such as "bossy" (16%).

According to Sanjay Modi,'s Managing Director of APAC and Middle East, "Lack of sufficient support from the workplace sometimes makes it a challenge for women to juggle both work and family commitments. Many still struggle with the physical and financial demands of raising a child, and would prefer support from their employer that can integrate both their needs for childcare and financial compensation."


Monster Philippines recently launched a campaign called #SheMakesItWork to raise awareness on gender inequality in the workplace, especially for women in Southeast Asia. 

How do you make it work?

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