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*Very* Clear Signs It's Time To Look For A New Job

Just in case you've been thinking about a new career path.
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How do you know when it's time to resign from your job? Sure, there are days when you just scream inside: "Ayoko na. Ayoko na talaga. There *has* to be something better out there." But everybody has those days. Negative feelings can stem from a poor performance review, looming deadlines, or a disagreement with your boss. 

We asked Pinays how *they* know it's time to quit and look for a new career opportunity.

For some, it's about growth.

"[It's time to leave when] the company can't meet your career goals. In my case, I've always been about growth, so when I see that the company won't be able to give me that growth, I leave." -Anya

"If you are not growing anymore and can't advance in any position. When you think and hear yourself saying, 'I don't want to be stagnant in [this] particular position for my whole life. I mean, you don't see yourself aging in [your] company." -Marjorie


"Career growth: Am I learning? Have I learned? Will I learn? Will staying here [get] me to where I want to be in five, 10 years?" -Nikki

For others, there are simply non-negotiables. 

"When it takes over your life at the expense of your health and overall well-being. When your non-negotiables are being compromised. Non-negotaibles can be your work values, your career growth, your personal time. Whatever it may be, your job should respect it. All jobs are never easy and you need to sacrifice some things for success, but it should not be at the expense of what you deem important. No amount of job can be worth it." -Anzenne

It's when there's no more spark. 

"Top sign: You are not excited pumasok." -Diana

"If you're literally dragging yourself just to get up every morning to go to work." -Merryl

"When you feel that you're not as excited to go to work anymore because it's [feeling like a routine]. When it's hard to wake up early na knowing you have to report to work! Usually, my log-in time is 7:30 a.m., now it's at 7:50 a.m. 'Pag late na ako, gusto ko na talaga mag-resign." -Bernadette

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"When you’re dreading to go to work—every single day—because it’s starting to feel extremely routine, and your demotivation causes you to do your work half-assed." -Nikki

Your health is suffering. 

"Your health is being compromised—physical, mental, social or/and financial." -Anna

"Not a healthy working environment, [yung] tipong every day [ka] OT. Kulang nalang tumira ka na sa office." -Istin

"When your fiance, parents, and therapist are begging you to resign, you know you really have to do it. No matter how passionate you are about your job or how big your salary is, you know it's time to leave when it's affecting your physical, emotional, social, and mental well-being." -Twila

It's too toxic. 

"When you’re tired of management solving internal organizational problems by having a pizza party instead of really investing on how to reduce turnover, keep employees from leaving, and valuing them." -Nikki


"Toxic bosses, toxic positivity. Had an experience na I developed Alopecia caused by stress because of toxic company culture." -Jen

What about you? What would make you want to quit your job?

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