The First Thing You Should Do When You're Stressed

Outthink stress before it affects you.

There’s really no avoiding stress. Work, life—and, yes, even this government—will put you in situations where you feel the need to either lash out or just disappear. 

While stressors are inevitable, it’s best you find ways to bust out of them quick. Chronic stress can raise your odds of having a stroke within the next decade, according to research from the University of Minnesota. 

Once you find yourself right smack in the middle of stressful scenario, ask yourself this: “Is this worth getting stressed over?”

Thinking of problematic things or people in different colors and voices helps to remove you from the situation and see these problems from a different perspective, advises Jason Principe, a certified hypnotherapist, and neurolinguistic programming practitioner at Symmetry Medical Clinic in Quezon City. 

If someone cuts you off in traffic, for example, ask yourself, "Does it benefit you to get angry?” Principe recommends. It probably doesn't, and you can cool your jets by “just [assuming that] he has an emergency to attend to,” he says. 

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When you’ve exhausted your mental stress-busting tactics, go for a walk, run, or hit the gym. “When you work out, you don’t [really] think about your problems,” says Principe.

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