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The Downside Of Being Self-Employed

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Everyone dreams of being their own boss, especially on a particularly shitty day at work. In fact, when we think of freelancers or our self-employed peers, we imagine gorgeous people waking up at noon, lounging around their homes, wearing silk pajamas. And yes, working for yourself has its perks, but it's not all glitz and glamour either. 

1. You’re The Boss
: You won’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. You won’t have to ask permission for every idea you have and you won’t have to wait around for something to get done. Your work can be 100% everything you’ve ever wanted.

Con: If, however, something goes wrong—you’ll be responsible. You'll have to shoulder the blame for every mistake. You will have to handle all aspects of the business: accounting, legal issues, marketing. You’ll also be in charge of your medical bills and retirement plan.

2. Time
: Arguably the best part of working for yourself is being able to dictate your own hours. This is especially beneficial to people who work best at night, because they won’t be forced to comply with the 9 to 6 schedule of most jobs.


Con: Having a flexible schedule isn’t always good, especially if you lack self-discipline and are easily distracted. It’s easy to fall for the illusion of “having all the time in the world.”

3. Convenience
: Your work clothes? Pajamas! Or your birthday suit. And your office? Any place where there’s wifi, which is pretty much everywhere.

Con: Being TOO relaxed. In fact, some people who work from home prefer dressing up just to feel more productive.

4. Income
Pro: Not having an office you need to be at everyday can save you a lot of money on transportation, and even meals, since you’ll (hopefully) be eating at home and doing groceries more often. Everybody knows we burn most of our money while eating out. Aminin!

Con: It can take a long time to establish yourself so income might be unpredictable.

5. Not having co-workers
Pro: If you’re an introvert, not having co-workers can feel so damn freeing! You won’t have to make small talk. You won’t be forced to hang out after work.

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Con: When you get sick, no one’s going to cover for you. You’ll have to meet that deadline on your own.

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