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Work-Life Balance Tips That Actually Work

Always being busy is not a badge of honor!

Even the most stubborn workaholic yearns to have work-life balance. It's not often as easy as it seems and very few people are truly successful at balancing both work and all the other things in their lives. How to do it? Take small steps and be mindful of how you spend your days, these tips will help you get started: 

Strive for productivity instead of being busy at work. 
When you have a to-do list at work that seemingly never ends, it's easy to get lost in the act of "being busy." Instead, strive to prioritize things that contribute to a bigger goal and those that need your immediate attention: Take a hard look at your to-do list and do just five (or less) major things in a day. When you've done them all, clock out. There's always the next day to attack the pile of work. 

Cultivate your hobbies.
What you do beyond the four walls of your cubicle or your office—your hobbies and passions—often provide the foil to possible burnout. When you don't have other things on your mind beside work, you become resentful, unproductive, and worse, unfulfilled. 

If you don't know where to start, check the activities your employer offers its employees. There might be yoga classes, football clubs, or even groups; you can regularly set aside a weeknight for exercise. Love working out? Wake up earlier and hit the gym or forego going on OT yet again for a spinning class. 

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Take vacations or mini-breaks. 
Breaks don't need to be extravagant trips all the time. You can just take a few days off from work and visit new places you've been meaning to, or just turn to the books on your TBR pile. Vacations and mini-breaks give one perspective and if you're lucky, you can even draw inspiration from new experiences while you're not at your desk. At the very least, vacations provide much-needed rest. Taking a break from your everyday routine at work just might get you excited to dive back into work! 

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