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This Is How Women Are Harassed When We're Out In Manila At Night

It's uncomfortable to watch, but it happens every single day.
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We can't say this enough: Women experience some form of harassment every day. We don't know a single woman who's never been a victim of unwanted attention or sexual advances. 

KAMI published a video of a social experiment testing the safety of Filipinas who go out at night. They hired an actress and instructed her to stand on a street in Quezon City. It didn't take a while for men to approach her:

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Harassment can be loud and explicit, but it can also be as simple and seemingly innocent as someone who won't take no for an answer. In the video, a man approached her to ask if she wanted to go with him and his friends to a bar. The actress said no. But her "no" wasn't enough; it even encouraged him to keep going, even though she immediately moved away from him. 

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She said this over and over again: "May inaantay lang po ako." And still, the men didn't leave her alone. 

The actress, like most women, had to resort to using her boyfriend as an excuse, which is even more bothersome because why are men only deterred by other men? Why is that the only time they back down? 

In another instance, after verbally harassing the actress, a man got out of his car, opened his door, and ushered her to get in. She threatened to call the police. We don't know if this actually worked, and he finally left her alone, but again, women shouldn't have to go through great lengths to feel safe. It should just be a given.

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