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Attention, Plantitas: You Need These Flowering Plants In Your Life

They're the ~pop of color~ your indoor garden needs.
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Hello there! If you've grown a green thumb during the quarantine as a way of coping with these uncertain times, you're not alone. Did you know that they are actually good for your mental health? Other than keeping your hands busy, they reduce stress, help with concentration, boost your mood, assist in memory retention, and promote mindfulness. Pretty amazing, huh?

Of course, other than the health benefits they provide, plants are also a really easy way to decorate your home. Popping an areca palm or Chinese evergreen in every nook and cranny of your house immediately gives it a bit more ~character~ (and not to mention, cleaner air for you to breathe in!) But, you don't have to stop with a green palette for your space. You can also try incorporating those of the flowering variety as an easy way to score that pop of color. Interested? Check out the best ones to take care of below:



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What are the best flowering plants to grow and take care of?

  1. Best Flowering Plant: Orchids

    If you're looking for a uniquely-shaped flower, why not try orchids? They require a bit more maintenance, but once you get the hang of it, you'll have an amazing plant with blossoms that stand out against the green foliage.

    As they naturally grow high up in barks of trees, orchids require a lot of sunlight and air circulation to help them survive. To keep them healthy, make sure they're getting about 12 to 14 hours of rays every day. Surprisingly, they don't need to be watered very often—once a week is more than enough. Check if the soil is fully dry between waterings, and don't let any excess agua touch the roots.

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    Best Flowering Plant: Orchids
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  2. Best Flowering Plant: Kalachuchi

    This sweet-smelling baby will definitely stand out among your greenery with its vibrant white color. Kalachuchi (also known as plumeria) can bloom into different hues like yellow, red, and pink, too. If you are thinking of caring for one, make sure you know its requirements beforehand.


    It needs to be placed in a pot with well-draining soil that is slightly acidic. It also *loves* the sun, so make sure you place it in an area where it can get at least six hours of rays. It also tends to grow quite a bit, so you can definitely propagate it to grow some more. Simply snip off a branch and plop into another pot. It's also a plant that can thrive off of minimal hydration—inspect if the soil is fully dry before watering it again.

    Best Flowering Plant: Kalachuchi
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  3. Best Flowering Plant: Santan

    The blossoms of the Santan plant (aka Ixora coccinea) is probably most popularly known as the distinct red-colored, star-shaped flowers we used to make crowns, necklaces, or bracelets with our playmates during our childhood. Good news, they are actually quite easy to take care of.

    When potting Santan plants, make sure to use an acidic soil rather than an alkaline one. They also have a tendency to grow quite a bit, so you can cut them down (or even shape them) to a more decent size. When they are actively growing (read: blossoming), they need regular watering. Just make sure not to overwater them—they need bone-dry soil before their next hydration sesh.

    Best Flowering Plant: Santan
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  4. Best Flowering Plant: Gumamela

    Planting a gumamela plant (aka hibiscus) is the easiest way to give your space a ~tropical flair~. They bloom in many different colors, so they will provide a nice contrast to your mostly green indoor garden.

    Warm, humid environments are where gumamelas thrive best, so our climate is perfect for this pretty plant. They need about six hours of sunlight to really help them bloom, so make sure to place them in an area that gets a lot of rays. When they are in their flowering phase, they will need an ample amount of watering daily. Once the rainy season comes along, you'll need to water it less because too much agua can kill your gumamela.

    Best Flowering Plant: Gumamela
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  5. Best Flowering Plant: Chrysanthemum

    Chrysanthemum is a type of daisy that was first cultivated in China over centuries ago. It comes in a multitude of colors and with its full dark green leaves, it will surely make a great addition to your collection.

    They are sun-loving plants, so make sure to put them in an area that gets enough rays—they need about six hours or more to bloom properly. They also require consistent watering. Dousing the soil up to a depth of six to eight inches is ideal. Use a pot with holes in the bottom to let the soil dry out.

    Best Flowering Plant: Chrysanthemum
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