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Wonderfully Satisfying Ways To Eat Spam

Fact: Early this year, a man changed his middle name to 'I Love Spam.' Now that's commitment!
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Every Filipino knows what it's like to wake up to the smell of Spam in the morning. Couple that with an egg cooked sunny-side up and you have the breakfast of Spampions! But do you know the history of Spam?

Spam made its global mark during World War II. The U.S. military desperately needed to feed their troops overseas, specifically the soldiers stationed in the Pacific Islands. They turned to Spam because it can "survive in the tropical heat and be kept on a shelf for weeks and months." That's why Spam is so popular here and in Hawaii. Korea also heavily relied on Spam after the war because they were on the brink of starvation and depended on smuggled canned meat like Spam to survive. Today, Korea is the second-largest consumer of Spam, where it is seen as a luxury item. HELL YES!

So to all the haters out there who say that Spam has absolutely no nutritional value—you're right! But it has saved countless of lives, and therefore deserves a little love. ;) If you're looking to experiment with your favorite breakfast staple, give these a try! 

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1. Spam fries

2. Spam pastries

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3. Spam soft taco

4. Spam chips

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5. Spam and Ahi Katsu (ibang level!)

6. Spam wraps

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7. Spam grilled cheese sandwich 

8. Spam musubi

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9. Spam nachos

10. But of course, nothing beats a classic!

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