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This Millennial Who Owns A Celeb-Favorite Travel Agency Opened Up An Isaw Business During The Pandemic

'I found a new purpose and it makes me really happy to see people happy.'
Angely Dub, CEO of travel agency Access Travel, opened a food delivery business called Bulilit Kitchen.
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) instagram/angelydub, instagram/bulilitkitchen

For the past decade, 29 year-old Angely Dub has made her passion her job. Traveling the world for a living as the CEO of celebrity-favorite travel agency Access Travel, Angely has been to over 100 countries and all 7 continents.

"Bata palang ako ito na talaga yung pinangarap ko," she shares. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic Angely was forced to put her business on hold. Rather than taking this as a hit, Angely came up with a new—and meaningful—idea.

 “I used this opportunity to create a new business, which is Bulilit Kitchen.” Through her new business, Angely is able to give back to the community by providing jobs to people in her hometown (Cavite) by selling Filipino street food online. 


Watch our video to learn more about how her career shift has impacted Angely:


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