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10 Local Brands That Deliver Bottled Coffee For Your Caffeine Fix

No need to leave the house!

If you're anything like us, then coffee is your life force. It gives you the energy to push through the daily grind and it tastes great—which is why we can't live without it. If you're after a quick, cold caffeine fix but want to step it up from the instant stuff, bottled coffee is the way to go. Whether you're looking for cold brew, milky lattes, or chocolatey mochas, there's a bottle out there for you—and we've rounded up great cafes and purveyors that can deliver to your doorstep.

Here are cafés and shops you can rely on for excellent bottled coffee:


This Legazpi Village coffee shop is known not only for their great brews, but also for offering educational courses about specialty coffee. Aside from various beans, they also offer ready-to-drink Cold Brew (P1,000/pack of six) that's bold and velvety, as well as the Cold Naughty Latte (P200/bottle) if you like it milky. You can place your orders through their website.


For orders, check out Yardstick Coffee's delivery website.

PHOTO BY Facebook/Yardstick

Man on the Moon

This homegrown brand offers different variants of cold brew, or coffee that's brewed by soaking coffee beans in cold or room-temperature coffee for a number of hours. Choose from the Black Hole (P120/280 ml, P520/one liter), or 12-hour cold brew; the Milky Way (P140) with milk, honey, and cinnamon; the Pluto (P150) with coconut milk and coconut sugar; and more. Just send them a message on their social media accounts for orders.

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For orders, send Man on the Moon a message on Facebook or Instagram.

PHOTO BY Facebook/Man on the Moon

Habitual Coffee

This Makati coffee shop is bringing the experience to your home with their bottled coffee drinks, which are freshly brewed and bottled upon ordering for the best flavor. Get the Bottled Iced Black (P180) for a fuss-free jolt, or try the Bottled Iced White (P200) for a creamy twist. Like it more decadent? Take your pick from the Bottled Iced Sea Salt Caramel Latte (P220), or the Bottled Iced Coconut Latte (P240). You can easily order any of these drinks via their website.


For orders, visit Habitual Coffee's website.

Caravan Black

Caravan Black offers great specialty cups of joe, and their bottled coffee line has everything from the Flat White (P155/bottle, P455/three bottles, P915/six bottles) to the Mocha (P165/bottle, P485/three bottles, P970/six bottles), Cold Black (P170/bottle, P500/three bottles, P1,000/six bottles) a.k.a. cold brew, and Cold Blonde (P165/bottle, P485/three bottles, P970/six bottles) or cold brew with milk and caramel. For a more one-of-a-kind beverage, you can also try the Localmotion (P160/bottle, P470/three bottles, P940/six bottles) with double espresso, milk, jelly, and honey syrup, or the Cooper (P160/bottle, P470/three bottles, P940/six bottles) with double espresso, milk, and almond syrup. You can place an order by calling or texting them, and book a courier to pick it up from their BGC outpost and deliver it to your doorstep.


For orders, contact (0917) 122-8795. You can also check out Caravan Black's Facebook or Instagram pages.

PHOTO BY Facebook/Caravan Black

Cafe Seventy Six

Cafe Seventy Six lets you get your coffee fix and help those in need—they use a portion of their sales to donate coffee bundles to frontliners in hospitals, police stations, security guards, janitors, and other organizations. They offer a reliable Americano (P85), but you're especially in for a treat if you like your coffee with milk. Choose from the basic Latte (P90/regular, P105/with soy milk) or its Hazelnut (P99/regular, P115/with soy milk), Macadamia (P99/regular, P115/with soy milk), Caramel (P99/regular, P115/with soy milk), Vanilla (P99/regular, P115/with soy milk), or Tangerine (P99/regular, P115/with soy milk) variations. Just visit Cafe Seventy Six's website to get your bottles.


For orders, check out Cafe Seventy Six's website.

PHOTO BY Facebook/Cafe Seventy Six

Cole & Co.

People come to Cole & Co. for great specialty coffee, and they've now got bottled ready-to-drink coffee that you can get delivered. Go for the basic Americano (P95) or go milky with the Latte (P110), Spanish Latte (P120), Hazelnut Latte (P120), Vanilla Latte (P120), or Mocha (P120). They've also got Cold Brew (P120) if you're after a smoother-tasting drink. Avoiding dairy? You can also request them to substitute in soy milk. You can send them a message on social media or Viber for orders. They accept payments via Paypal, Paymaya, or BDO or BPI bank deposit.


For orders, send a message to Cole & Co. on Facebook or Instagram, or send a Viber message to (0977) 823-0705.

PHOTO BY Facebook/Cole & Co.

The Curator

The Curator is heralded as one of Asia's best bars, but more than five-star cocktails, they also offer excellent coffee using beans from #YKW Roasters. Enjoy their caffeinated creations at home with their bottled offerings, which include the Cold Drip Coffee (P180), Espresso with Water (P140), Espresso with Milk (P200), and Iced Mocha (P200). Just visit their website to get your fix.


For orders, check out The Curator's delivery website.

BB Brews

You might drink coffee for the caffeine it provides, but this Alabang-based specialty coffee shop also offers booze-spiked bottles if you really wanna get happy. Choose from the Bora (P380/500 ml) with coffee, tablea, and aged dark rum, or the Irish (P380/500 ml) with coffee, homemade Irish cream, and whiskey. (You can add extra shots of liquor for P50!) Not into alcohol? Fret not, they've also got non-spiked bottles like the Woke (P280/500 ml) aka cold brew, Kopi (P280/500 ml) or coffee and condensed milk, Laté (P280/500 ml) or lightly sweetened coffee with milk, and Moka (P280/500 ml) with tablea. 


For orders, you can visit BB Brews' Facebook and Instagram pages.

PHOTO BY Facebook/BB Brews

Coffee Run Manila

Perk yourself up on a lazy day with Coffee Run Manila's freshly brewed bottled coffee drinks made with zero preservatives. Their short-but-sweet menu includes the Cold Brew (P110), Latte (P98), Irish Cream (P98), French Vanilla (P98), and their bestselling Hazelnut (P98). To order, just send them a message on Facebook or Instagram; they take payments via BDO bank transfer and GCash.


For orders, send Coffee Run Manila a message on Facebook or Instagram.

PHOTO BY Facebook/Coffee Run Manila

Edsa BDG

Edsa BDG is a group that develops specialty beverages, and included in their extensive lineup is their ready-to-drink Signature Cold Brew, made with their signature Dark Matter Theory espresso blend that's brewed for 24 hours and then filtered. They also have the Seasonal Cold Brew made with their Purple Haze blenda seasonal espresso blend. You can get the cold brews Black (P120), with milk (P160), or with nut milk (P185) through their website.


For orders, visit Edsa BDG's website.

PHOTO BY Facebook/Edsa BDG

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