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10 Clever Bridal Shower Cake Ideas For Different Brides

Yes, there are *naughty* cakes on this list.
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Cakes are always present in most of life’s important celebrations: birthdays, baptisms, engagement parties, and weddings. Essentially, they symbolize entering a new chapter of one’s life. This means it’s a good idea to order a cake for your bestie’s bridal shower—one that’s customized to fit her ~interests~. After all, she’s about to start a new phase in her life. As a member of her bride tribe, you’re in charge of planning her last party as a single woman—might as well make it special with a cake!

That said, here are some customized cakes if you need help making it extra special:

If your bride is a makeup junkie:

Order a beauty-themed cake! Take note of her makeup essentials: Snoop around her dresser before one of your weekend night outs or subtly borrow her kikay kit. You can even tell her you’re looking for new product recos, when in reality, you’re just sneakily taking photos for your cake supplier. Swear, she’ll be thrilled to see her favorite shade of lipstick in a fun fondant form!

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For brides who love to splurge on luxury bags:

Does your bride love her designer bag as much as she loves her soon-to-be husband? Well then, get her a cake that’s shaped to resemble her favorite arm candy! Take a look at this pastel pink Birkin cake—it’s so cute, right?

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If she’s a visual type of girl:

Warning: This cake is highly *graphic*. Get her ready for what’s to cum (lol) by presenting her with this gift! ;) Also, have fun with all the penis puns as this is the best time to put those witty one-liners to use. Time to wish her all the hap-penis in the world!

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P.S. You know what will make this cake better? Put a sparkling candle on the tip—your bride will surely have a blast! ;)

Feature her favorite flower.

This sunflower cake is sooo prettyjust look at all those details! This can be tailored to feature your bride’s favorite flower, be it a rose, daisy, or a tulip. Since it’s her favorite, she’ll most likely carry the same flower down the aisle. Think of it as a special connection between her bachelorette party and her bridal march!

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This one is for your fashion-forward bestie.

Is the bride the most fashionable person you know? Remember all those times she encouraged you to take style risks? Pay homage to her timeless style by ordering a customized cake that features her favorite ~*fashion era*~. Like this 50s-inspired cake, for example! It’s complete with a diner setting that she’ll surely appreciate. 

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Spill some tea with the whole bride tribe!

Throwing a bachelorette party for your childhood bestie? Remember when you used to throw fake tea parties with your stuffed animals as the guests? Relive those days by throwing an actual tea party for the whole bridal entourage! Don’t know where to start? This tall cake will set the mood, promise!

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For all sushi lovers!

This sushi board cake is such a unique idea, no? Actually, this isn’t limited to sushi—you can have a cake designed for her favorite food. Whether it's steak, fried chicken, or Korean barbeque, for sure you will find a pastry chef who can turn your bride's dream cake into reality. 

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Does your bride love the water?

If the bride is a beach babe who is drawn to the water, throw her an under-the-sea-themed party. It’s more than likely that mermaids are her favorite mythical creature, so she’ll surely love this cake. You can also feel free to give out shell-shaped treats as souvenirs for guests. For sure, her party will be a tale she’ll always remember!

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For the professional bride:

Since it's the bride's day, you have do everything in your power to highlight the things that make her shine and of course, one of these things is her career. Go on, take a screenshot! Use this accountant-inspired cake as an inspiration for your bestie's bachelorette party cake. 

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Not sure what to get for your bride?

Order a couple mini cakes. They are relatively more affordable than most full-sized cakes. Plus, the cakes’ minimalist design will fit any theme you have in mind! Just have your color motif ready when you go to your preferred supplier, and you’re good to go. 

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